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Single release: ‘Can’t Stop Livin’ It’ by Kimberley Bowden

unnamed-4.jpgSongs can perform a variety of functions in a day, from reinforcing melancholy feelings to revving us up to consoling us, and many others. Sometimes there’s a song that makes you believe – no matter if your day has been good, bad or indifferent – that everything is going to be all right. It makes you want to sigh in relief or drop the tension from your shoulders. They can achieve it musically or lyrically, or from the combination.

The new single from Brisbane singer-songwriter Kimberley Bowden – who was a finalist in the 2008 Toyota Star Maker – is one of those songs, and the feeling starts from the opening bar – and that’s before you realise that message of the lyrics is, basically, that everything is going to be all right. Life can knock you off your feet but you can’t stop living it – and you can’t stop loving it. Says Bowden of the song, ‘I wrote this song in one of my darkest moments. But it was in this moment that I could see that things would eventually get better again, because they always do.’

Bowden also delivers the message in the way she sings – with a sense of seriousness of her message mixed with what sounds like a smile in her voice. There is not just acceptance but joyfulness there too. So that makes it not just the perfect balm for a bad day but a great reinforcement for a good day – and if you’re not quite sure which sort of day you’re having, it will definitely improve after you listen.



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Single release: ‘Let Me Be’ by Taylor Moss

unnamed (4).jpgAustralian country music artists are producing some great country pop. The McClymonts arguably established the direction of the genre (and, yes, we could have that argument but writing a blog allows for unilateral statements so I’m making one) and in the years since they released their eponymous EP in 2006 a variety of artists have emerged not so much following in their wake as expanding the genre and offering stories from their own experience.

Taylor Moss is a 23-year-old Sunshine Coast-based singer-songwriter who first entered a recording studio at the age of fifteen, and four years ago was a finalist in Toyota Star Maker. In late 2017 she released new music independently that led to a support spot with Jimmy Barnes and performances at The Gympie Music Muster, and she’s made several appearances at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.


Last year Moss went back into the studio with producer Matt Fell, who worked on her original releases, to record some new songs. ‘Take It From Me’ was released in April this year, and now Moss has released ‘Let Me Be’. It’s a coming of age song, told through the eyes of a young woman making her own choices and living with the consequences as well as learning from experience.

Moss is creating great, catchy and entertaining songs – the essence of pop – as well as leaning in to the storytelling side of country, as you’ll find out in ‘Let Me Be’.

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Single release: ‘Reno’ by Sinead Burgess

unnamed (3).jpgIn 2018 Sinead Burgess released the wonderful, memorable album Damaged Goods. Recently she appeared at Country2Country in Sydney and Brisbane – her first shows in Australia in five years, she said – and showed why she’s worth paying very close attention to: with only a guitar for accompaniment, she had the crowd transfixed.

Ahead of C2C she released a new single, ‘Reno’, which is not drawn from Damaged Goods, which had a more acoustic-based sound. ‘Reno’ is a full-band recording, which allows Burgess to move into a more country-rock sound that compliments her storytelling style and subject matter, and detracts not at all from her vocals.

Says Burgess of the inspiration for the song: ‘I got the idea pulled up in front of a run down motel in Reno, Nevada. The rooms had these incredibly kitschy peach doors that look like they hadn’t been cleaned since the 70s, and I started to daydream about how it would feel planning a big life from such a small room. So much of my own story and yearning for growth and adventure found its way into the lyrics, and all of a sudden we ended up with a grungy, Petty-inspired song.’


The song was written with California rockers The Federal Empire (Grammy-nominated writer McKay Stevens and Chad Wolf, former front man of Carolina Liar) and recorded in Nashville. The writing and recording were part of Burgess’s Nashville Songwriter Residency Grant for 2019, awarded to her by the Australia Council for the Arts and offered to only one Australian per year.

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Single release: ‘Heart of Stone’ by Kirsty Lee Akers

unnamed-5.jpgKirsty Lee Akers released her fifth album, Under My Skin, in 2018. This impressive collection of country rock and pop was produced by Akers; it debuted at #3 on the iTunes Country and ARIA Australian Country Albums chart upon release (as well as #5 ARIA Country Album and #8 ARIA Australian Album).

The latest single from the album is ‘Heart of Stone’, and for it Akers has released a video with a story – that of the Goree Girls.

The Goree Girls were a band of female prisoners of the Goree Unit in Huntsville, Texas, in the 1940s, and they were the first documented all-female country and western band. After teaching themselves to play instruments they started performing on the local radio programme broadcast from the prison, gaining a following all over the country. The video deviates a little from the real Goree Girls story, though, as Akers explains.

‘When I first came across the story of the Goree Girls, it immediately caught my attention. In this version, the girls actually escape from prison unlike in real life,’ she says. ‘I thought about what I would have done if I was in their shoes and bought out a little of their bad girl side.’


Under My Skin is out now through Social Family Records.

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Single release: ‘Let Us Stand Together’ by Warren H Williams

unnamed-4.jpgOver forty-plus years Northern Territory singer-songwriter Warren H Williams has released ten albums, including the 1998 album Country Friends and Me, which included the ARIA-nominated ‘Raining on the Rock’, a duet with John Williamson.

Williams is soon to release a new, self-produced studio album, These are the Changes, and from it comes the first single, ‘Let Us Stand Together’, recorded with his daughter Ghenise and son Nicholas. The song is an anthem for happiness, urging us to stand together, and work together, to unite as a community by creating love, unity and harmony locally and then letting the happiness spread.

‘It all starts at home with your own family and then spreads from there,’ says Williams. ‘The world should be a happy place – just be happy.’ 

Indeed, it’s hard to be anything upbeat when you listen to this song. While this song has a serious message, Williams delivers it straight and heartfelt; ever the entertainer, he understands how to get his message across in a way that the audience will appreciate and remember – because they’ve had a good time in the process.


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Single release: ‘Sing Me a Story’ by Luke O’Shea & Lyn Bowtell

unnamed-3If you’ve been lucky enough to see Luke O’Shea and Lyn Bowtell do their double-act live show, you know how well they work together – as storytellers, as singers, and as entertainers. They both have well-developed senses of humour to ensure the between-songs repartee is never dull – and then they sing, and it’s hard not to be spellbound. They are compelling as individual artists, but it’s a treat when they sing together. Now that treat has been documented, in the form of ‘Sing Me a Story’, the first single from O’Shea’s forthcoming album, There in the Ochre, which will be released in January 2020.

‘Sing Me a Story’ was written by O’Shea with Felicity Urquhart, who has her own connection to Lyn Bowtell as a member of Bennett Bowtell & Urquhart. The song is about the very essence of Australian country music: telling stories. It acknowledges the place landscape and history take in our storytelling, including our most ancient storytelling in the world’s oldest continuous culture, which has existed in this country for tens of thousands of years.

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Luke O’Shea & Lyn Bowtell – Love and Laughter Tour 

11 October 2019
Live @ The Attic, Hotel Blue, Katoomba
Hotel Blue, 88 Lurline St, Katoomba NSW 2780

12 October 2019
Panthers Bathurst, 132 Piper Street, Bathurst, NSW 2795 Australia

26 October 2019
The Brass Monkey, 115a Cronulla Street Cronulla, 2230 NSW Australia

27 October 2019
Lizottes, 31 Morehead Street Lambton, NSW 2299




Single release: ‘ Drive Slow’ by Melanie Gray

thumbnail_1_0.jpgMelanie Gray is a singer-songwriter from Darwin, NT, who recently released the single ‘Drive Slow’, which debuted at number 4 on the iTunes Country songs chart. Although Gray has songwriting accolades on her own – with shortlistings in the Australian Songwriting Competition – this country-pop track was written with the ever-popular Gina Jeffreys and newcomer Max Jackson. It was produced by Rod and Jeff McCormack, with Rod playing all the instruments on the track.

The accompanying video was filmed in the Northern Territory. ‘I want to do my bit for Territory Tourism, with the film clip,’ says Gary. ‘I’m a cheerleader for the Territory and I want people to wonder where that place is and to want to come visit.’

While the song is intended to be a great addition to a road-trip playlist, it also has a more serious message: ‘The song is also about taking your relationship slow,’ says Gray. ‘Even just dating people in this day and age comes with certain conventions you’re supposed to follow. We live in a world where everyone wants everything right now and has access to whatever they want over apps. It’s hard enough navigating it all as adult let alone the pressures often felt by teenagers to be liked and accepted. The song is about stepping out of the formalities of best behaviours, dinner dates and hook-ups to taking your time to get to know someone within a healthy comfort zone – why not take off on an amazing adventure together and explore the great outdoors?’


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