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The McClymonts have an acoustic end to the year

37841033_10155962005964751_5077388051022.jpgThe McClymonts are one of the most popular acts in Australian country music, and for longtime fans like me the reasons why are many, and consistent, but they can be distilled to this: they excel in the studio and on stage. This year they started their live appearances with an acoustic show at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, where they played the biggest room in town, the TRECC, and filled the space with their incredible harmonies. And hearing those harmonies was a powerful motivation for creating the show in the first place and now continuing in the same vein with their One Acoustic Night tour, with dates below:

15 November            Mulgrave, VIC                    Village Green Hotel

16 November            Wonthaggi, VIC                 Workmens Club

29 November            Dubbo, NSW                       Dubbo RSL Memorial Club

30 November            Wentworthville, NSW     Wenty Leagues Club

6 December               Young, NSW                       Young Services Club

7 December               Bargo, NSW                        Bargo Sports Club

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November playlist

Continuing a new tradition, this is my November Spotify playlist featuring recent single releases plus a handful of not exactly golden oldies but slightly older songs that are worth bringing to your attention. Track listing below.

Darlinghurst – ‘So Long So Long’

Cassidy Rae – ‘Throwback’

Sophia Chesworth – ‘One Way Ticket’

Andy Golledge – ‘Run to the River’

Archie Roach – ‘Tell Me Why’

El Cosgrove – ‘Honey’

Tanya Ransom – ‘Armour’

Mama Kin Spender – ‘What’s Wrong with Me?’

Kimberley Bowden – ‘Can’t Stop Livin’ It’

Taylor Moss – ‘Let Me Be’

Jeff Gibson – ‘Hole in My Heart’

Fanny Lumsden – ‘Peed in the Pool’

Lyn Bowtell – ‘Beautiful Liar’

The McClymonts – ‘This Ain’t Over’

Hayley Marsten – ‘Red Wine, White Dress’

Troy Cassar-Daley – ‘Getaway Car’

Kasey Chambers – ‘Southern Kind of Life’

Single release: ‘Paper Thin’ by Ben Leece

unnamed-4.jpgNewcastle singer-songwriter Ben Leece released his debut album, No Wonder the World is Exhausted, just over a year ago, and won many fans with his particular way of telling stories and looking at the world. Leece is an artist who is not confined by musical style or genre – rather, he applies what is best for the song. He has, however, found a warm welcome within the Australian country music community, forming strong connections with several artists, including Melbourne band Georgia State Line, who appear on his new single, ‘Paper Thin’, alongside Leece’s band, Left of the Dial.

Leece describes ‘Paper Thin’ as a love letter to the musical community that he has found himself in. It’s essentially an uplifting song, even though a certain weariness can be detected in Leece’s voice – yet that is what gives the message of the song its context, and its greater meaning, because it doesn’t feature Leece asking for support but, rather, offering it.

‘It’s been a rough year, both personally and for this greater musical community,’ Leece says. ‘”Paper Thin”‘ is an affirmation to be there for the people that have been there for me.’

It’s also an affirmation that working, creating, keeping on going can be a balm. With an album as good as his Leece would have been justified in waiting a while to release new music, but he hasn’t. ‘Paper Thin’ is an offering to his community but also to listeners, because as those who love music know, there is reassurance and comfort to be found in songs, and the best songs are those whose creators understand that.

Listen on:

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Ben Leece and Left of the Dial, with Georgia State Line, are playing on the following dates:

November 8 / Australian Music Week / Cronulla NSW

November 9 / Tamworth Hotel / Tamworth NSW

November 10 / Grand Junction Hotel / Maitland NSW


Single release: ‘Weren’t Looking For’ by Leaving Lennox

Weren't Looking For Cover Art.jpgLeaving Lennox is an Australian duo – Mick Hambly and Lauren Val – who made their way to Nashville in April 2019 and currently reside there, writing and recording music. They’ve wasted no time finding live gigs, either, playing at the Summer Songwriter Festival in Tennessee, Big Red Apple Fest in Georgia, Annual Artisan Fest in Kentucky, Frank Brown Songwriting Fest in Florida and the Clarksville Riverfest in Tennessee.

Their sound is acoustic pop with a tinge of country, as is appropriate for musicians living in the country music capital. Their previous single was ‘Old Love’, and now they’ve released ‘Weren’t Looking For’, a lovely song about the riches to be found when you have an open hearted and open mind. Sometimes duets can sound like one singer was tacked on to another, but ‘Weren’t Looking For’ sounds like it was crafted to bring out the best in  Hambly and Val, with each singer anchoring and supporting the other. This is an instantly memorable song that you make you think just as it makes you smile.

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Video premiere: ‘Pit Stop’ by Brittany Elise

Brittany-Elise Photophia Studios.jpgEarlier this year Queensland singer-songwriter Brittany Elise released her debut album, Something More, which showed her versatility as a songwriter and her great country voice, developed over years of performing (since childhood). On release the album went to number 2 on the iTunes Country Chart, and 20 on the iTunes All Genres Album Chart.

The latest single from Something More is ‘Pit Stop’, in which she encourages a less-than-ideal companion to ‘roll on by’ and find another pit stop. It’s a catchy, feisty song about moving on – by getting someone else to do just that! (Even if ‘five years later I still wish you well’ …)

The video for ‘Pit Stop’ has its premiere here today. It was made by The Filmery, who create a lot of great videos for Australian country music artists.



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Video premiere: ‘Throwback’ by Cassidy-Rae

Throwback Cover Photo.jpgEarlier this year Sydney-based singer-songwriter Cassidy-Rae released the single ‘More’, a moving song that showcased her talents and debuted at number 3 on the iTunes Country Music chart. Since then she’s been busy, performing on Carnival Cruise Lines in the Caribbean – and recording a new song, the delightful ‘Throwback’, with producer Michael Carpenter. ‘Throwback’ is a song about falling in love the old-fashioned way and celebrating all the little glories as two people fall in love with each other.

The equally delightful video for ‘Throwback’ makes its debut on this site today. Just like the song, it will put a smile on your face – a perfect upbeat track just in time for summer. The video was shot by Jackson Speed in various locations around Nashville and Sydney.

Cassidy-Rae will be performing at the Ballina Country Musical festival on 2 and 3 November, and will no doubt appear at the next 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival, as she’s a regular there. This versatile artist has also performed all over the world with the Australian Girls Choir. She never stays in once place too long, so catch her when you can!

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Single release: ‘Run to the River’ by Andy Golledge

Run To The River - Smaller version.pngMy first introduction to Andy Golledge and his music came recently, in the exceptional TV series Robbie Hood (if you haven’t seen it, make it a priority – it is too wonderful to be properly described here so you’ll just have to do yourself a favour and watch it). Golledge plays Robbie’s father, who is a musician, and Golledge’s original songs are a feature of each episode. Other than that, there wasn’t a lot of recorded music available.

That situation is changing, with the release of a new single, ‘Run to the River’, and a video to go with it, and the announcement that he’ll release an EP, Namoi, on I OH YOU/Mushroom in February. Golledge says that the song was written for his twin brother, who was having seizures for two years, which doctors attributed to an anxiety disorder. Golledge and his brother love to fish when they’re together, and Golledge wrote the song to encourage his brother to reach out and talk to others, to get out of the house and go fishing – ‘whatever he can do to help himself get better and take charge of his life’.

From only a few notes in it’s clear that this is a powerful song on its own, and the video only enhances that impression. A song that comes so clearly from a place of love and care is also an act of love and care for anyone who listens to it.

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See Andy Golledge live:

Thursday 21 November
Marrickville Bowlo | Sydney, NSW
Free entry

Friday 6 – Saturday 7 December
Fairgrounds Festival | Berry, NSW
All Ages