Single release: ‘FOMO’ by Great Aunt

FOMO Single Artwork (Hi Res).jpgMelbourne-based folk/Americana duet Great Aunt have released ‘FOMO’, the first single from their forthcoming debut LP, So Not Right Now, which is due for release in November 2019.

The term FOMO, for the uninitiated, means ‘fear of missing out’, which can become a compulsion – that is, some people get so caught on the idea that they’re missing out on something that FOMO dictates how and what they do. In the single Great Aunt have conjured that feeling of compulsion through hypnotic slide guitar, heartbeat-like double bass and vocals that sound tentative yet defiant. It’s a clever, effective use of sound to reinforce lyric, and it makes for an irresistible song that, in its own way, becomes addictive.

Listen to ‘FOMO’ on:

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Great Aunt are on tour in Australia, then the US:

July 9, Smith’s Alternative, Canberra, ACT Australia*
July 10, Folkswagon, Sydney, NSW Australia*
July 11, Junk Bar, Brisbane, QLD Australia*
July 12, 63 First Avenue, Sawtell, NSW Australia*
July 16, BUG Acoustic, Brisbane, QLD Australia
July 17, Element Bar, Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia
July 18, The Middle, Mullumbimby, NSW Australia
July 20, Hardy’s Bay Club, Hardy’s Bay, NSW Australia**
July 21, Little Alberts, Bathurst, NSW Australia**
July 25, Temperance Society, Sydney, NSW Australia
July 27, The Cambus Wallace, Gold Coast, QLD Australia
July 29, Hippo & Co, Canberra, ACT Australia
*shows supporting the Weeping Willows
**co-headline shows with Smith & Jones

USA Tour
Sep 8, Republic of Pie, North Hollywood, CA USA
Sep TBC, Americanafest – Sounds Australia Showcase Nashville, TN USA
Sep 17, The Starlight Lounge, New Orleans, LA USA
Sep 18, Stellar Beans, Lake Charles, LA USA
Sep 19, Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, Galveston, TX USA
Sep 20, Dyson House Listening Room, Baton Rouge, LA USA
Sep 21, The Listening Room of Mobile, Mobile, AL USA
Sep 24, The All Star Covered Dish Country Jamboree, New Orleans, LA USA Sep
26, Driftless Books and Music, Viroqua, WI USA
Sep 28, Uncommon Ground, Chicago (Edgewater), IL USA
More dates TBA.

Upcoming Festival Appearances
Oct 4, Deni Ute Muster Festival, Deniliquin NSW Australia
Nov 15 & 16, Healesville Music Festival, Healesville VIC Australia

Australian Spring/Summer Tour
November 30, MONA, Hobart, TAS Australia
November 30, When She Believes Showcase, Launceston, TAS Australia
Nov 31, Marakoopa Café, Mayberry, TAS

Single premiere: ‘One Button at a Time’ by Clint Wilson (feat. Jen Mize)

CW-BUTTON-SINGLE-WEB.jpgClint Wilson is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne who released his debut album, Dark Water, in 2018. It debuted at #20 on the iTunes Country chart and climbed to the second position. Wilson draws his influences from country, folk and Americana, as well as Crowded House and The Church.

From that album comes Wilson’s new single, ‘One Button at a Time’, making its debut on this website. The song features the always-impressive Jen Mize, and is a glorious duet that tells the story of friends who – slowly and carefully – become lovers. The song was written by Wilson, Mize and Lola Brinton, and you can watch the video below.


Wilson is already planning his second album, but in the meantime you can find his first album on:

Apple Music | Spotify

Single release: ‘Direction’ by Chloe Christine

unnamed.jpgOne of the results of the continued commitment to professional development by the Country Music Association of Australia (CMAA) and members of the industry is that artists of all stages have access to education and mentors, via the CMAA Academy. Artists in country music can emerge at any age; it just so happens that the existence of the Junior Academy means that artists in their teens are appearing with terrific songs, excellent performance skills and professional attitudes to their work (country music in Australia produces few amateurs, it seems, even if they’re in their teens).

Singer-songwriter Chloe Christine is sixteen years of age. At the age of fourteen she was one of twenty students picked from Australia and New Zealand to attend the CMAA Junior Academy. The next year she released her debut single ‘No One Cares’, and it reached number 8 on the iTunes Country Music charts and number 5 on the My Country Australia charts.

Chloe has been taking singing lessons since she was five, and started teaching herself guitar at eleven years of age. Now she performs regularly at pubs, clubs, festivals and other shows. She’s also released a new single, ‘Direction’, and given her pedigree it is not a surprise that it’s a great song, an accomplished country-pop track that takes its lyrical inspiration from her school life.

Chloe Christine is an example of what makes Australian country music so exciting and vibrant: she’s young but already a professional, releasing music that stands with any in the genre, and showing that a new generation of artists can mix and meld seamlessly with those who have been performing for many years. No doubt she has set herself a high bar at a young age, but there’s also no doubt she has what it takes to keep meeting that bar, and vaulting over it.

Listen to ‘Direction’ on:

Apple MusicSoundcloud | Spotify

Single release: ‘Honey’ by Magpie Diaries

Magpie.jpgDashville is a name familiar to many Australian music aficionados – primarily as a festival that features the best of alt-country and other artists. Matt ‘Magpie’ Johnston is a co-founder of Dashville, and he’s also a singer-songwriter under the moniker Magpie Diaries.

Sanctuary is the debut album from Magpie Diaries, released in 2018, and it’s been supported by tour dates around the country. The latest single from the album is ‘Honey’, and Magpie wrote it after he passed an elderly man selling honey by the side of the road outside of Singleton, New South Wales. Magpie says that the man looked happy – ‘It got me thinking that this elderly man could be me one day.’

That happiness has influenced the writing and the recording of this delightful song, which is actually a love song wrapped around a message of sustainable living. If that sounds improbable, well, just listen. The key to it all is honey.


Sanctuary is out now.

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Magpie Diaries is on tour:

Magpie Diaries .png

Single release: ‘More’ by Cassidy-Rae

MORE Single Artwork.jpgCassidy-Rae is a Sydney-born-and-bred singer-songwriter who already has extensive experience, appearing at various festivals and studying at the CMAA Academy in  Tamworth. She released an EP, Wanted, in 2015 and is currently performing on board Carnival Cruise Lines.

Upon release Cassidy-Rae’s new single, ‘More’, debuted at number 3 on the iTunes Country Music chart. It is a towering country-pop achievement, made exceptional by Cassidy-Rae’s voice. She says that the intention of the song, and its video, is to show ‘that we are beautiful on both the inside and out. People’s words may not have a physical impact, but they can change how we view ourselves internally. More is a message we need to hear.’

The song was recorded with Michael Carpenter, who is the producer behind a lot of great Australian country-pop and country-rock, and as Cassidy-Rae has just completed her degree in Music and Arts, Industries and Management, let’s home she has a bit more time to create more new music like this.



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Single release: ‘Better or Worse’ by Gareth Leach

Gareth Leach.jpgSinger-songwriter Gareth Leach released his debut album Death & Taxes in 2018, and for those who haven’t yet heard it, new single ‘Better or Worse’ is a great introduction to Leach’s unstinting lyrics and heartfelt vocals, and his country/alt-rock sound. The song was a TSA Awards Semi-finalist ‘Best Alt-Country Song’ this year and, as Leach says, it’s about ‘dealing with living with your own high expectations of “what this life is supposed to be”.’

The song has what Leach calls an ‘outlaw guitar riff’, and that riff not only sets up the mood of the song but calls in the listener. That riff led Leach to go in search of a lyric that could suit it, and in his notebook he found something he’d written a month or so earlier: Tell me is it getting better or is it getting worse? 

If the vocals sound like they’re coming from an authentic place, it’s because, as each Leach says, they come from ‘a very real and personal conversation that I was, and continue having with myself. For me in my own songwriting, music can either act as therapy or bring issues to light that I am not consciously aware of until writing it down.’

Watch the video for ‘Better or Worse’ below:


Death & Taxes is out now.

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Album review: Halfway Home by Morning by Matt Andersen

71ay4hcxUWL._SY355_.jpgCanadian singer-songwriter Matt Andersen has long had a voice that sounded like it belonged to someone far older, saturated in life’s experiences and prepared to share them. Since Andersen is now up to his tenth album, perhaps he and his voice are travelling in tandem – and on Halfway Home by Morning they certainly sound like a comfortably united pair.

Andersen’s sound is soul and blues and rock and Americana, and his voice handles all of those genres effortlessly, as well as being one of those voices that sounds as though it comes straight from the past, present and future. Halfway Home by Morning is 13 songs of emotion, honesty and connection, with each line made more heartfelt by the delivery of it – by Andersen and the outstanding band and backing singers who appear with him.

The album was recorded live in Nashville, and that energy gives the songs a warmth that could have been lost if each track had been recorded individually. It also seems to give it an air of celebration – not that the songs are all celebratory (Andersen does a very fine ballad), but as if you’re at an hour-long party with the best possible entertainment.

Andersen and his band are constantly on the move – no Australian dates have been announced in the near future, but should he make his way back to these shores, Halfway Home by Morning suggests it would a performance absolutely worth taking in.

Halfway Home by Morning is out now on True North Records via MGM.

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