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Single release: ‘My Fire’ by Jody Direen

unnamed-9Jody Direen is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand who has spent quite a bit of time in Australia since she released her second album Shake Up in 2016, joining the Wolfe Brothers on tour and appearing at the inaugural Country2Country Festival last year. Direen is an exciting live performer who is also committed to managing all facets of her life in music, and that balance of professionalism and dynamism has won her many fans.

Direen has recorded a new album, Smoking Ashes, due for release in July, and for those fans the release is much anticipated – so they’ll be very pleased with her new single, ‘My Fire’.

Says Direen of the song, ‘”My Fire” is an empowering song with a global message; encouraging strength, resilience when life knocks you down. I wrote this over the past two years, pulling together and drawing inspiration from various personal experiences of hardships that we all experience. Coincidentally, this song’s release couldn’t come at a better time than now. To the listeners: I hope it helps instil strength and replaces any feelings of anxiety and stress (caused by the current global crisis) with that of no-fear and hope.’


‘My Fire’ is out now through ABC Music/Universal.

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Single release: ‘Fighting for Air’ by The Little Lord Street Band

LLSB_FightingForAir_3000x3000The Little Lord Street Band is a five-piece alt country band from Western Australia who have played hundreds of stages across Australia over the past five years. They have released three EPs, the latest in 2018 (Waking Up Next to You). 

Their latest single is ‘Fighting for Air’. Says frontwoman Tash Shanks of the song’s powerful lyrics, ‘I wrote this song about four years ago when I was really struggling with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. I was paranoid about everything to do with my friends, family, workplace and music. I couldn’t escape this feeling of dread. It honestly felt like I couldn’t breathe . . . or function as a human. When I’m out surfing with my family and found when I’m caught in the impact zone, the panic in fighting for air isn’t too dissimilar to on land with mental health.’

Shanks hopes the song will encourage others to seek help for their mental health struggles – as she did – and know they’re not alone. Given that many people who are now self-isolating or simply separated from colleagues, friends and family by circumstance, this song’s purpose is more important than ever.

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Single release: ‘I Found Home’ by Raechel Whitchurch

unnamed-8Singer-songwriter Raechel Whitchurch released an EP in 2016, Outlaw, that debuted at number 1 on the iTunes country music chart and took her around Australia, playing shows. She has shared stages with artists such as Fanny Lumsden, Shane Nicholson, Wendy Matthews and Felicity Urquhart.

Since then Whitchurch has been writing songs for her debut album, which will be released later this year. Writing songs is something Whitchurch has been doing since she was a child. She started playing piano at the age of five then at eight swapped it for a mandolin, soon followed by guitar, banjo – and songwriting.

‘I Found Home’ is the first single from the album, and it is a love song that isn’t necessarily romantic – it’s about finding belonging with someone. Life can take in all sorts of experiences and take you all sorts of places, but it’s a person who can be home. It is a beautifully constructed piece of country pop that will connect Whitchurch to new fans, and which is accompanied by a transporting video shot around St Albans, northwest of Sydney.


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Single release: ‘Love is the Loneliest Place’ by Emily Soon

Love Is The Loneliest Place artWell, now, this song is one of the best things that is going to happen to you today, this month, this year and no doubt for a very long time.

Emily Soon is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne who blends country music and soul, with the voice of a torch singer that also evinces a touching vulnerability. Her latest single is ‘Love is the Loneliest Place’ and it is a captivating, soaring and also heart-rending exploration of the human condition. As with her previous single, ‘Good Help is Hard to Find’, Soon teamed with producer Henry Wagons to record the single, and it was done live with a band at Wagons’s home studio on the Mornington Peninsula.

Soon wrote the song a while ago, and views it as a milestone in her creative and personal growth. ‘I wrote [the song] in my very early 20s,’ she says, ‘reflecting on a friend’s break up and the real powerful, raw image of their sadness and exhaustion … I’d never experienced those feelings. The song helped me to comprehend the situation as best as I could, also becoming a lesson for myself on the importance of empathy, patience and time.’

Soon is an Australian-born Malaysian-Chinese artist who has been creating music in her home town for the past few years, as well in Nashville and Toronto. While she had shows booked in the months ahead, it’s unlikely some will go ahead – which is even more reason to listen to this song on your favourite streaming service. Like me, you’ll probably just loop it over and over.

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Single release: ‘Little Eyes’ by Rachael Dee

std_33412Rockhampton singer-songwriter Rachael Dee no doubt wrote and recorded her new song, ‘Little Eyes’, quite a while ago, so she could not have known that its release is so very well timed – basically, to provide something joyful in a strange week, strange month and strange year.

The song was co-written with Matt Scullion at the CMAA Academy of Country Music in 2018 and inspired by Dee’s son, Connor.

‘When you are in the presence of children, you realise just how magical their little minds are,’ says Dee. ‘”Little Eyes” is about being present, and seeing the magic of the world by showing appreciation and gratitude for the simple things in life.’

Upon release the song reached number 5 on the iTunes Country chart and Australian community radio has embraced the song, which sits at No. 2 on the AMRAP Regional Chart this week. The accompanying video clip was shot by Golden Guitar winner Lachlan Bryan at Connor’s kindergarten last year. It’s a song – and video – you should turn to whenever you need a smile … which will probably be quite regularly for the foreseeable future.

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Single release: ‘I Got This’ by The McClymonts

unnamed-5The McClymonts are one of Australia’s most successful music acts. Since their debut EP was released in 2006 they have sold over 250 000 albums and have over 20 million track streams. They have achieved one Platinum and two Gold album sales accreditations and received thirteen Golden Guitar Awards, two ARIA Awards and an APRA Award. They’ve also been touring steadily, fitting in regular shows around each of the three McClymont sisters – Brooke, Samantha and Mollie – giving birth to two children. 

It’s been three years since The McClymonts released new music and they have returned at full force with ‘I Got This’, which all three sisters co-wrote with producer Andy Mak. The song conveys a message of hope for all those dealing with life’s challenges – in short, ‘I got this’. Given that music itself helps us deal with those challenges, and The McClymonts themselves have brought a lot of joy to fans and audiences around the country, the message is a great fit for them, and it’s delivered with their trademark enthralling vocals.

The McClymonts will release a new album later in the year, and support it with one of their biggest tours in a while, from May to November.

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Single release: ‘Hiding Out in Tuscany’ by Paula Standing

TuscanyPaula Standing is a singer-songwriter from Adelaide who released an album, All Fun & Games, in 2015 and the EPs Good Heart in 2017 and Truth & Trickery in 2019. She has now recorded a new album, The More I Give, which will be released later this year; it has been influenced by Standing’s connection with singer-songwriter Lou Bradley, formed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival last year. Bradley introduced Standing to producer Rod McCormack, and both McCormack and Bradley were involved in the writing of the album.

The first single from the album is ‘Hiding Out in Tuscany’, which, says Standing, ‘seemed like a good choice to start the ball rolling, as it covers the journey I am making both with my career and this whole album,’ she says. ‘Taking a risk and “setting sail” for distant horizons is a wonderful metaphor for how this project is shaping up.’ The song was written with three students who use McCormack’s studio, The Music Cellar: Ash Sheehan, Jacky McCormack and Toby Wells.

The song is immediately memorable; its gentle rhythm and melody provide an opportunity to dream alongside Standing. We all have our what-ifs and if-onlys, and this song gives us permission to wonder about them. The song has country, Americana and Celtic tones to it, and it is country music that is at the core of Standing’s music.

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