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Single release: ‘Stay’ by Timothy James Wright

unnamed (1).pngCairns singer-songwriter Timothy James Wright has recently toured the east coast of Australia and opened for Busby Marou in North Queensland, so there will already be audiences familiar with his first EP, King Pig. He has now released a new song, ‘Stay’, from his forthcoming eponymous album.

With echoes of British pop and a lovely melodic line, this bittersweet song may be about someone who doesn’t want to be abandoned but nevertheless it is just right to lighten the darkening autumn days – and suitable to put on repeat, because you’re unlikely to grow tired of it.

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Single release: ‘Watered Down Man’ by Riley Catherall

Riley cover.jpgCanberra-raised, Melbourne-resident singer-songwriter Riley Catherall is a young man with, it may be said, an old soul – if his new song, ‘Watered Down Man’, is anything to go by. This is the tale of a ‘watered down man in a whiskey coat’ who seems to be full of regretful self-awareness, with Catherall’s voice holding wariness and acceptance at the same time – the sort of knowing that tends to come with experiences both good and bad.

But that’s perhaps to be expected, because Catherall started studying classical guitar since the age of six before moving to jazz studies in his teens. That musical background explains the structure of the song, which is simple in the way that usually only comes with maturity: the story is allowed to shine, with Catherall’s voice and guitar in service of it. This is a great, classic country-tinged song, and the herald of a longer release that one can only hope will be available soon.

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Single release: ‘A Town Called Lonely’ by Rose Zita Falko

unnamed-2.jpgMelbourne singer-songwriter Rose Zita Falko has appeared at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and participated in the DAG Songwriting Retreat at nearby Nundle, NSW, co-writing with the likes of Felicity Urquhart and Kevin Bennett. Her debut EP is Original Son and from it comes the evocative ‘A Town Called Lonely’, which has hints of the Wild West and of Lindi Ortega, and showcases Falko’s outstanding voice, which promises trouble and mystery and all sorts of other intriguing things.

Falko says that the song considers the idea that our state of mind can lure us down metaphorical and literal roads, away from the main highway. She took visual inspiration from her regular travels along the roads of country Victoria and New South Wales. The song earned Falko a semi-final berth in the 2017 International Songwriting Competition, and will no doubt also earn her fans looking for strong lyrics, a great beat and an arresting voice.

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Single release: ‘Outback Australia’ by Kevin Sullivan

unnamed.jpgAustralian country music has many flavours, some of them with hints of music from other lands. There is also Australian country music that is so redolent of this land that you expect to smell eucalyptus each time you hear it. Often these are the songs that have Slim Dusty and Joy McKean in their DNA – sonically straightforward, with a driving beat and a catchy chorus that enables the listener to learn it quickly so as to sing along. This doesn’t mean the songs are simple, just the structure is solid after years of being perfected, usually on the road in front of all sorts of crowds.

‘Outback Australia’ is such a song, and it comes from Kevin Sullivan’s forthcoming album, Belonging. Inspired by Sullivan’s travels throughout the Australian outback for over 18 years, it features award-winning artists Lyn Bowtell and Kevin Bennett on backing vocals.

You can watch a performance of ‘Outback Australia’ at the Longyard Hotel in Tamworth below:


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Single release: ‘Money Can’t Buy Class’ by Hayley Marsten

image002Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing Queensland singer-songwriter Hayley Marsten about her wonderful EP Lonestar. Marsten has a great country voice, and just the right amount of knowingness and sass to make an enjoyable, memorable country song – as she proves on the new single release from Lonestar, ‘Money Can’t Buy Class’. If you haven’t yet encountered Marsten’s work, consider this your very fine introduction.

Watch the video for ‘Money Can’t Buy Class’ below:

Lonestar is out now.

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Single release: ‘Red Dirt’ by Catherine Britt & The Cold, Cold Hearts

unnamed (8)Catherine Britt is one of the most exciting artists working in Australian country music. Not only does she release consistently excellent albums but she’s also producing music by other artists and running Rhythms magazine. She’s also recently added a baby to her life – and a new album, with the announcement of the upcoming Catherine Britt & The Cold, Cold Hearts.

From that album comes the first single, ‘Red Dirt’, which is an ode to driving under outback skies. It is definitely a Catherine Britt song with her honkytonk and Australian country lineage, but that doesn’t mean it sounds familiar or tired, because Britt always releases music that is fresh and interesting.

Watch the video for ‘Red Dirt’ below.


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Single release: ‘Living Heart of the Anzac’ by Mitch Lynham

unnamed.pngEach year ANZAC Day, 25 April, is marked by Australians all around the country. The memorial has also produced many a fine song, but I don’t often cover them here – not because the day means nothing, because I go to a dawn service every year to honour a great-grandfather who served on various fronts in World War I and a great-uncle who served in World War II, both of whom never recovered from their experiences. So I take the day seriously.

I’ll admit that what made me want to listen to this new song from 24-year-old Queenslander and 2018 CMAA Academy graduate Mitch Lynham is that it’s co-written with the profoundly wonderful Fanny Lumsden. What kept me listening to it on repeat, though, is Lynham. It’s clear that this song means something to him – this is not lip service to a national tradition. This is a story full of heart and emotion, which Lynham brings to the song. It’s a fitting accompaniment to what is, for many, The One Day of the Year.

Listen to ‘Living Heart of the Anzac’ on Soundcloud.