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Natalie Pearson lets ’em talk

Let 'Em Talk - Single ArtworkQueensland singer-songwriter Natalie Pearson is carving out her own niche in Australian country music, with her catchy, memorable country rock/pop songs and her dynamic stage presence. Towards the end of 2019 she released the single ‘Plan B’ and she has kicked off 2020 with the release of ‘Let ‘Em Talk’. If you ever needed motivation to stop worrying about what other people think, this song will give it you. Not that it means that you’ll find it easy …  Pearson says she has struggled with it herself.

‘I think as an artist you always care about what other people think of you,’ she says. ‘You always want people to like you. I think that’s just a human nature thing as well but more so when you’re an artist. But sometimes that gets in the way of you doing things. Or sometimes if people are saying things to other people, that can get in the way of things as well. So this is about, “Just don’t worry about that and just do what you do because at some point in time what you’ve created will have its own shine for what it is. And the people who are going to love it are going to love it. And the people who don’t care about it or don’t like it, they’re not your people anyway.” So that’s a really universal thing that everybody can take on board: not everyone is going to be your people and that’s okay. You just focus on the people who are your people and don’t worry about the rest.’

This is something that Pearson says she has to put into practice on a regular basis: ‘I think it’s still a realisation that I have to remember myself. Sometimes I get caught up in what other people think, and I just have to say, “Don’t worry about it.” It’s a learning process,’ she says with a laugh.

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Interview: Natalie Pearson

Artwork - Natalie Pearson - Plan B.jpegGold Coast-based singer-songwriter Natalie Pearson is a fantastic country pop artist who has over 500 000 streams on Spotify – and late last year she added to that with the release of ‘Plan B’, her catchy new single. Pearson is appearing at the including Tamworth Country Music Festival shows on Thursday 23 January at 7.00 p.m. at Moonshiners Bar with Brook Chivell and Liam Brew, and Friday 24 January at 9.30 a.m. at the Hopscotch Café Songwriters in the Round. Brisbanites can also see Pearson with Andrew Swift, Jade Holland and Brook Chivell on Saturday 15th February from 11.30 a.m. on the Riverfest Country Cruise.

Audience members will likely get to hear ‘Plan B’, which was written in Melbourne – apparently over a few glasses of wine – with Luke Austen and Jake Sinclair.

‘I travelled down to Melbourne a couple of years ago,’ says Pearson, ‘while I was on tour with Jay Seeney, and I knew that Luke and Jake had their weekly writing sessions and I’m good mates with them too. So I went around and we just caught up for a bit and then discovered that Jake and I were going through something similar at the time.  We decided to write a few songs that night, but “Plan B”, I think, was the first one. We’ve got another couple of songs as well that I will be releasing later on down the track that were written with them too. So we we’re a good team.’

The track was produced by Matt Fell, one of the busiest producers working in Australian country music. Pearson says she’d heard great things about Fell, ‘and I always like to try new things.

‘With “Plan B” I didn’t really have [an idea of] what I wanted it to sound like. I’d done it acoustically so much that that was all I could really hear. I knew that I wanted it to be pop country, but I didn’t really know like what, and I knew that Matt Fell is quite creative with his sounds and he likes to be very on trend. So I let him fly with it on this one.

‘I went in and we played the demo and I played him some other things that I’d released previously and also things that I was really digging at that moment by other artists. He really took everything on board. He works very differently to other producers, I think. He’s a bit heads down, bums up at the screen and you’re not really sure what’s happening,’ Pearson says with a laugh, ‘and there’s all these weird sounds coming out that he’s playing with him. But then it all comes together and it sounds amazing. So I really liked working with Matt and I’m really proud of how the song came out.’

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Single release: ‘I Wonder What You Kiss Like’ by Natalie Pearson & Brook Chivell

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 12.57.23 pmA duet can be an irresistible thing – especially when the voices are well matched and the song allows the singers to not only inhabit the feel of it but sound like they actually enjoy singing with each other.

The DNA of ‘I Wonder What You Kiss Like’, the new song from Brook Chivell and Natalie Pearson, sets it up with excellent foundations: it’s written by the Wolfe Brothers (who make regular appearances on this website) and NZ singer-songwriter Kaylee Bell, and the entwining of such country rock and country pop pedigrees makes for a catchy, joyful song that is the perfect platform for Chivell and Pearson, who not only sound like they’re having a ball on this tune but who each understand the restraint needed to let the other shine, so that the song comes out the winner.

The song comes after a very successful 2018 for both artists, who had chart success with their respective singles and performed at country music festivals across the land, including Tamworth, Groundwater, and Deni Ute Muster and Gympie Music Muster.

Watch the video for ‘I Wonder What You Kiss Like’ below or listen on:

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Single release: ‘Mr Wrong’ by Natalie Pearson

When Perth native Natalie Pearson released her EP Long Time Coming, it went straight to number 2 on the Australian iTunes country music charts. The first single, ‘Chance at Love’, was awarded ‘Best Country’ in the 2016 MusicOz Australian Independent Music Awards and Natalie also received a Top 5 nomination in both the Video and Female Artist of the Year categories. She’s just finished a 22-date national tour alongside Brook Chivell.

The latest single off the EP is ‘Mr Wrong’, a strong, catchy country rock/pop tune that should bring Pearson more fans ahead of her appearances at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January. You can watch the video on YouTube.