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Album news: Wild Mountain by Megan Cooper

a0247400377_16While Brisbane singer-songwriter Megan Cooper’s second album, Wild Mountain, has been available since July, her album launch is on 28 October so this post just squeaks in under the wire …

The most immediate fact about this album is the same as for Cooper’s first album, Ghosts, Choirs & Kings, and it is that she has a truly lovely voice. The second fact is that she knows how to write for her voice, lyrically and stylistically. The songs on this new album cross several moods, from jaunty to wistful, and all tell a story that is expressed beautifully through her vocals. There are some honkytonk sounds here as well as straight-up pop. She’s also an impressive torch singer.

All of this detail is, of course, a way of trying to describe what is often hard to pin down without sounding schmaltzy: the way music makes a listener feel. So I’ll go for the schmaltz and say that Wild Mountain brings a lot of joy, as well as a lot of meaningful entertainment, which, for this listener, is akin to the Holy Grail. Cooper has a lot of talent and the skill to bring it to listeners, and it’s all evident on this album.

Wild Mountain is out now. The album launch is on 28 October 2018 at The Black, Albion (Brisbane).

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Album review: Ghosts, Choirs & Kings by Megan Cooper

One of the best things about being a follower of Australian country music is the consistently very high standard of releases. One of the truly amazing things is that so many of these are independent releases, often made possible by crowd funding. Brisbane singer-songwriter Megan Cooper’s Ghosts, Choirs & Kings is one such crowd-funded album of a very high standard.

Cooper is clearly knowledgeable about, and mindful of, the traditions and heritage of American and Australian country music. While her lyrics seem personal – and contemporary – Cooper wouldn’t sound out of place sharing a stage with Patsy Cline or, indeed, fronting a big band. Her precise soprano voice suggests professional training, and it is sweet at the same time. She is also a very handy whistler …
Cooper’s voice perfectly suits her songs, which often draw on old-time country music but could not be classified as ‘old-timey’. ‘Texas’ is a modern torch song; ‘Loser’s Game’ is a lover’s lament on the lonesome trail; ‘Jailsong’ and ‘Floodsong’ have simple titles but rich stories to tell.
Ghosts, Choirs & Kings is an eclectic collecton of twelve original songs and one cover (‘All Through the Night’) which reminds me not only why Australian country music has such strength as a genre and a collective of artists, but also why I became a fan of it in the first place: because it makes me happy, just as this album does. 
Ghosts, Choirs & Kings is out now.

You can find Megan on Facebook at /megancoopermusic and on Twitter @twanglassy.