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Interview: Chloe Styler

Chloe Styler Patient Heart 1500x1500Queensland singer-songwriter Chloe Styler has released two truly enchanting songs in the past year: the bewitching ‘When Your Light Burns’ and her new single, ‘Patient Heart’. Styler has been a musician from a very young age, and has been developing her skills as a performer and songwriter since her school days. I learnt more about her, and ‘Patient Heart’, when we spoke recently.

You saw your first live concert when you were five. Whose concert was it? And did it change what music you listened to?

It was a Lee Kernaghan concert. It definitely opened my eyes to the country music world. I know I was only five, so I’m probably assuming a lot of things here, but I do know that my parents played a lot of country music when I was young and a lot of Aussie country music, which is definitely different to American country music. And I’m so glad that they did bring me up on Australian country music. I think that really shaped the way that I then wrote my own songs and I started writing music at about thirteen. I found that what naturally came out was in the style of country.

Were there other concerts you went to as a child?

After that first one I had a bit of a hiatus from concerts, probably because my parents realised it was really bad for my ears. But then I went and saw The Veronicas and lots of pop acts. So I have been very open to all sorts of genres and of course I always see country acts whenever they are in town. I just love all sorts of music and I really enjoy going to live music to remind myself that there are many other ways I could write a song and not to constrain myself in certain ways that I do write music.

Are there favourite musical artists you had while you were growing up who are still favourites now?

Yes – Fleetwood Mac. I was brought up on my mum’s radio station when we would drive to school. It was the Gold Coast 92.5 Gold FM and it played hits and old school, or something like that. Lots of old classics, so Fleetwood Mac were a regular. And then Mum would play Fleetwood Mac on CDs. I actually only saw them a month ago now live in Brisbane and they’re still as amazing as they’ve ever been. I just adore them. They are definitely a huge inspiration of mine.

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Single release: ‘When Your Light Burns’ by Chloe Styler

unnamed (18).jpgQueensland singer-songwriter Chloe Styler went to her first country music concert at the age of five, and the experience of seeing Lee Kernaghan live was the first step on her path to becoming an artist. Even though she’s now inspired more by Kacey Musgraves and Joni Mitchell, Styler performed as an opening act for Kernaghan in several shows during 2017.

Prior to that, in 2015, Styler attended the Junior Course of the CMAA Academy of Country Music, then the Senior Course of the Academy in January 2017, where she developed her songwriting and performance skills. She was mentored by Kevin Bennett and did some songwriting with Fanny Lumsden and Stuie French. Around the same time she released her debut EP and performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

This year, Styler was a grand finalist in the 39th Annual Toyota Star Maker competition and performed on James Blundell, Troy Cassar Daley and Lee Kernaghan’s TCMF shows. During the festival she was awarded the TSA Songwriters Salute Award for ‘Contemporary Song of the Year’ for her original ‘Control’.

Now the Gold Coast resident has released a lovely new single, ‘When Your Light Burns’, which was written with Lumsden and produced by Matt Fell.

The song was inspired by a lighthouse that has been on an island in the Great Barrier Reef for over 150 years. Styler has spent family holidays on the island and says that the lighthouse ‘has been a constant throughout my life … [it] reminds me that although I can feel alone, lost and completely unsure of what to do next, it will always be there to guide me.’

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