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Brook Chivell on his new single ‘In My Life’


Gold Coast-based singer-songwriter Brook Chivell is known for his high-energy live shows and his powerful country rock sound – but he’s always had a musical and lyrical balance within his music, and his latest single, ‘In My Life’ is a heartfelt ballad that become his new single for a very good reason: his fans asked for it.

‘It was the one my hardcore fans kind of chose, really,’ says Chivell. ‘I listen to what they say. If they say, “I really love that song”, and I hear it enough times, I think I’ll put that one out next.

‘The first single that I ever released was chosen by people I knew. I didn’t have any fans at the time but they chose the song, because I like what I like for different reasons, other people like what they like for different reasons, but when a bunch of people say it, that’s something to listen to.’

The McClymonts’ song ‘Forever Begins Tonight’ has become a wedding song staple, and ‘In My Life’ would be a good candidate for that too. When that idea is put to Chivell, he says, ‘I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of songs that have been seen that way. One in particular – I did a duet on my first album called “Always You”, and it’s a waltz, in three/four time, and I know that’s been used in a few weddings. It’s an easy waltz and the topic’s nice as well.

‘Any time that people use one of my songs for any reason that’s big in their life – even when people say, “That song really got me out of a hard time” – those things really mean a lot because it means that your lyrics have connected and resonated with somebody. That’s huge to me, because that connection is what it’s all about.

‘If it’s a song I’ve written by myself it’s nice for me because I can realise I’m not the only person going through this. A lot of times you write songs because it’s a bit of therapy. Sometimes you do think, I’m the only person who’s ever been through this, and that’s part of the human condition, I guess. There’s a lot of people out there feeling pretty horrible because they think they’re the only people. But I don’t think anyone’s been through anything new in a really long time.’

‘In My Life’ appears on Chivell’s most recent album, Fearless Rider, which he released on CD last year. It’s not yet available on streaming services because, as he explains, ‘of the way that Spotify is now – you can’t pitch a playlist if the song’s already on Spotify – so I’ve had to release the songs from the album one at a time and hopefully I can group them together at the end.’

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Interview: Brook Chivell

Photo 11-5-17, 4 15 00 am.jpgQueensland-based artist Brook Chivell is such a dynamic performer that he keeps being invited to festivals around Australia. His energetic country rock style is paired with an incredibly impressive voice, so it’s no surprise that his fan base has been growing. Chivell recently released an album, Fearless Rider, although you won’t yet be able to find it on streaming services – you can, however, buy it at one of shows, including Tamworth Country Music Festival shows on Thursday 23 January at 7.00 p.m. at Moonshiners Bar with Natalie Pearson and Liam Brew, and Friday 24 January at 9.30 a.m. at the Hopscotch Café Songwriters in the Round. Brisbanites can also see Chivell with Andrew Swift, Jade Holland and Natalie Pearson on Saturday 15th February from 11.30 a.m. on the Riverfest Country Cruise.

Chivell has been involved in music since he was young – partly influenced by his parents’ taste in music.

‘My mum and dad’s record collection stops in about 1967, I reckon,’ he says with a laugh. ‘But on the upside it does include the Folsom Prison album and there’s quite a few Johnny Cash albums in there.

‘My favorite was always Buddy Holly. Dad was a big Buddy Holly fan. That’s why I play generally Fender guitars – but not always. But that was the initial spark. We had a keyboard at home and I used to muck around. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just was picking out tunes by ear. And as it turns out that was good training for me for later on. I did keyboards in high school as well.

‘I didn’t start playing guitar until I was 17, in study week of Year Twelve, which is probably not the ideal time to get obsessed with an instrument, but I did. I had a really old acoustic guitar that my parents had bought me – the strings were five centimetres off the frets. Or maybe not, maybe more like five millimetres! But it was a long way. One of the tuning pegs had fallen off so you had to tune all the other strings to that string. It was not ideal. But I literally played until my fingers bled. I was obsessed. And in my uni years I played guitar all the way through. Ten hours a day was nothing for me.’

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Single release: ‘Fingerprints’ by Brook Chivell

BC Artwork Fingerprints SMALLER.jpgSince Melbourne-born, Queensland-based artist Brook Chivell was a Toyota Star Maker finalist in 2017, he’s toured the land and also become a festival favourite, playing at the Deni Ute Muster, Gympie Music Muster, Sydney Country Music Festival, Broadbeach/Groundwater Country Music Festival, and Tamworth Country Music Festival. His upbeat country rock style is perfectly suited to that environment, as it offers not only an entertaining sound but the authentic lyrics and great vocals that country music fans love.

Chivell’s latest release is ‘Fingerprints’; as he says, ‘Everything we have ever done adds up, to help make us who we are: the good, the bad, the lessons, the trials and the triumphs. Make every second count. We only get one life. “Fingerprints” is about that journey.’ Chivell also produced the track and Queensland audiences can hear it live at the following shows:

10 August – Beerwah Hotel

12 October – VDM Fest, Biloela

Listen to ‘Fingerprints’ on:

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Single release: ‘I Wonder What You Kiss Like’ by Natalie Pearson & Brook Chivell

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 12.57.23 pmA duet can be an irresistible thing – especially when the voices are well matched and the song allows the singers to not only inhabit the feel of it but sound like they actually enjoy singing with each other.

The DNA of ‘I Wonder What You Kiss Like’, the new song from Brook Chivell and Natalie Pearson, sets it up with excellent foundations: it’s written by the Wolfe Brothers (who make regular appearances on this website) and NZ singer-songwriter Kaylee Bell, and the entwining of such country rock and country pop pedigrees makes for a catchy, joyful song that is the perfect platform for Chivell and Pearson, who not only sound like they’re having a ball on this tune but who each understand the restraint needed to let the other shine, so that the song comes out the winner.

The song comes after a very successful 2018 for both artists, who had chart success with their respective singles and performed at country music festivals across the land, including Tamworth, Groundwater, and Deni Ute Muster and Gympie Music Muster.

Watch the video for ‘I Wonder What You Kiss Like’ below or listen on:

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Single release: ‘Outta My Song’ by Brook Chivell

OUTTA MY SONG ART.jpgGold Coast-based artist Brook Chivell was a top 10 finisher at the prestigious Star Maker competition in 2017 and not long afterwards released his debut single, becoming a favourite on CMC. His country rock sound has also taken him to the Deni Ute Muster, Gympie Music Muster, Sydney Country Music Festival, Broadbeach Country Music Festival and Tamworth Country Music Festival, but he has a softer side – literally, as in October last year he undertook an acoustic tour throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia with country artist Natalie Pearson.

There’s a strong rock strand developing in Australian country music, with artists such as the Wolfe Brothers, Adam Brand and Travis Collins at the forefront. Chivell’s new single, ‘Outta My Song’, shows why he’s been a festival favourite alongside these artists – and no doubt his profile will continue to grow.


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