This blog’s called Jolene, because it’s a recognisable country music kinda name. But my name is Sophie. Not so many years ago, I loathed country music. Then I joined a country band, we played at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, and my life was changed. Now I can’t imagine a day without a country song – preferably an Australian country song.

This blog covers mostly Australian artists but as I’ve been approached by people from the US, UK, Canada and elsewhere, the content has expanded to cover music in other places. I hope to provide a space for people to find out about new music and read about the artists they already love.

I’m lucky to have been able to interview and review some of my favourite artists, and to have been given the chance to discover amazing new talent.

I also write books (although they’re not about country music):

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Artists and PRs are welcome to contact me, but please note that I can’t necessarily respond straightaway.
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia