Month: August 2019

Single and video premiere: ‘Things I Leave Behind’ by Cornell & Carr

C&C ThingsILeaveBehind Cover C FINAL.jpgMike Carr and Matt Cornell have perfectly good country music careers in their own rights. Cornell is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; he’s been a member of iconic rock band the Baby Animals, and musical director for Adam Brand for nine years. He’s released four albums, performed at Groundwater Country Music Festival, Gympie Music Muster, Sydney Rocks Country Music Festival and Summer Moon Country Music Festival, and was nominated for two Golden Guitar Awards in 2018. Carr has written some of the most popular Australian country songs of the past few decades, for artists such as Adam Brand, Adam Harvey and Melinda Schneider. He’s released two solo albums – and is a two-time Golden Guitar Winner, eight-time nominee for APRA song of the year, and two-time ARIA winner for work done by his hilarious alter ego Buddy Goode.

But, clearly not content to rest on their laurels, these two musical forces combined to become Cornell & Carr. They released their debut album, We Go Way Back, early this year, and from it comes their new single, ‘Things I Leave Behind’. The video for this emotional new song and the single itself have their premiere here today. You can watch the video below.

The song was inspired by Cornell leaving the home in Sydney where he was raised. ‘When I sold the house, packed the truck and drove away,’ he says, ‘it hit me hard. And I realised that all the things we accumulate over the years have very little meaning, but what matters are the memories we leave behind – both good and bad.’ In bringing his specific memories into the song, the lyrics are more relatable, not less, so this is a track that many people will connect to.

Listen on:

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See Cornell & Carr live:

Thursday 5th September – Tourist Hotel – Queanbeyan, NSW
Saturday 7th September – Mantra Studio Kitchen & Bar – Yarraville, VIC
Friday 4th October – Deni Ute Muster – Deniliquin, NSW
Saturday 26th October – Mount Hunter Country Music Stampede – K Ranch Arena,
Mount Hunter, NSW
Friday 24th January – Tamworth Diggers Showroom – Tamworth, NSW

Single and video premiere: ‘Alive’ by Souly Us

Alive Single Cover JPG.jpgSouly Us is a young duo from coastal Victoria, with members Kate Appleyard and Ben Mawdsley. They first starting playing together in January 2018, performing cover songs from a variety of modern country musicians and pop artists. It didn’t take them long – about two months – to start writing original songs, and they were soon on a plane to Nashville to experience it for themselves.

Their first single, Meant to Be’ was released 2018; it received airplay on radio stations around Australia and took home the 2019 APRA AMCOS New Songwriter of the Year from the Tamworth Songwriters Association.

Their EP HELLO WORLD was released in January 2019 and debuted at No. 5 on the iTunes Country Music Charts.

Now they have a brand new song, the uplifting ‘Alive’, which showcases their country and pop knowledge and skills. Ben Mawdsley says the chords for the song ‘just came out of nowhere but when I had them, I knew that it could be a great song. Kate put pen to paper and before we knew it, we had a song that would lift anybody’s spirits. And we realised it had to be the title track of our debut album too.’

Mawdsley recorded and produced the single himself in their home in southern Victoria; it was mixed by ARIA and CMAA award-winning producer Matt Fell at Love HZ Studios in Sydney and mastered by Grammy-winner William Bowden.

The single is making its premiere on this site today, along with its video, which the band produced and directed themselves.

Souly Us have made a great impact on Australian country music in a short time, and ‘Alive’ – which is the loveliest kind of ear worm! – will surely win them more fans.

Catch Souly Us live:

Friday 30th August: Vela 9 – Inverloch, VIC
Friday 6th September: RACV Resort – Inverloch, VIC
Friday 27th September: RACV Resort – Inverloch, VIC
Sunday 29th September: Harman Wines – Inverloch, VIC Friday 4th October: RACV Resort – Inverloch, VIC
Friday 25th October: RACV Resort – Inverloch, VIC
Friday 1st November: RACV Resort – Inverloch, VIC Saturday 9th November: Sheepdog Trails – Korumburra, VIC Friday 22nd November: RACV Resort – Inverloch, VIC
Friday 6th December: RACV Resort – Inverloch, VIC Saturday 7th: Live at Bundy (w/ The Eurogliders) – Bundalaguah, VIC Friday 27th December: RACV Resort – Inverloch, VIC

Listen to Souly Us on:

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Single release: ‘Pushback’ by Kylie Gale

Push Back single.jpgKylie Gale is a recent graduate from the CMAA Academy of Country Music, as well as a mother of four and a teacher, living in Caves Beach, New South Wales. After an incident at work where a colleague threw her under the proverbial bus, and in the wake of her CMAA Academy experience, Gale created the single ‘Pushback’, which is sure to become an anthem for anyone who ever feels the need to, well, push back, especially when they can’t do it in the moment.

Raised in Coonamble, NSW, Gale was raised on country music. ‘Pushback’ is a great, confident song from an artist with something to say and the ability to say it. The song came to Gale’s mind while she was standing under the clothesline, and was written in around ten minutes. ‘The songs with inspiration don’t take as long,’ she says, ‘because you have that emotional connection.’ Listeners are sure to connect with ‘Pushback’ because most of us have had experiences like the ones Gale sings about.

Listen to ‘Pushback’ on:

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Single release: ‘The Riddle of Life’ by Emma Dykes

Emma Dykes - Riddle of Life album cover email.jpgPort Macquarie (NSW) singer-songwriter Emma Dykes has released a new single, ‘The Riddle of Life’, which is also the title track of her second album, which was recorded with producer Matt Fell in Nashville and which will be released in January 2020 to coincide with the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Dykes, who also works as a nurse, wrote the song for her dear friend Ric, who is also a nurse and who was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Dykes wrote the song to remind us all to live life to the fullest while they can. The song was also her way of dealing with Ric’s diagnosis and fight for life. Dykes is known for her heartfelt lyrics, and this beautiful song is sincere and hopeful.

One of Ric’s children, her daughter Matilda, appears in the accompany video clip performing a dance she choreographed. The clip can be seen below.



Listen to Emma Dykes on:

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Single release: ‘Hell Freezes Over’ by Allison Forbes

unnamed-3Tamworth-based singer-songwriter Allison Forbes is a fixture of her home town’s annual country music festival, whether she’s playing at her own gigs, appearing in the sets of others or coordinating showcases. Forbes is also a distinctive artist, with her fantastic voice and her gusty rock-influenced country sound.

Forbes has a debut album, Bonedigger, scheduled for release in November. It was produced by Shane Nicholson, and the first single to be released is ‘Hell Freezes Over’. It’s a song realising past mistakes and moving forwards, regardless of how painful it is. In Forbes’s voice there is both the pain of that past and a sense of strong resolve to overcome it. Says Forbes, ‘The song is about finding a place where you’re comfortable to accept things that have happened and the preparation of not lying down to die because of it.’

Forbes has spent much of the past twelve months in the Northern Territory, and anyone who spent time in that landscape will appreciate how its vast silences and its sometimes intimidating darkness has been captured in this song. It’s one that is hard to forget, and a signifier that Bonedigger will likely be an epic release.

Listen to ‘Hell Freezes Over’ on:

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Interview: Darlinghurst

image001-2.jpgDarlinghurst are a four-piece band who recently announced their arrival on the Australian country music scene – in great style – with the single ‘Sorry Won’t Get You Back’. The band is made up of singers Pagan Newman and Cassie Leopold, guitarist Matt Darvidis and songwriter Jason Resch. All four members sing, creating beautiful harmonies. All four also have extensive musical backgrounds, and I found out more about Pagan Newman’s when I spoke to her recently.

You’ve been a musician for a while. When did music first come into your life and what did you grow up listening to?

I started singing lessons when I was about eight years old. Growing up, I think my big main influences were Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, I was very much R’n’B, soul, pop influenced. I did countless amounts of tribute acts growing up and into my twenties. Then I met Cassie and we started playing together and we have over the last eight, nine, ten years. That’s when the country stuff started coming in because of the harmonies and the stories. We love harmonising together and I think a lot of those songs really stuck with us.

You mentioned tribute acts, and of course that’s different to playing covers because it’s a whole concept. Which sorts of tribute acts were they?

The first one was a Meatloaf tribute act, and I did all the female parts, obviously, which was slightly outrageous.


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Single release: ‘Only Highs’ by Brendan McMahon

400x400bb.jpegIt’s good to have certain songs in mind for certain occasions. There are the songs that help you rev up for a night out; there are the ones that can help you wallow when that’s what you need. There are also songs that you can rely on to make you smile, whether you are feeling sad or not. If you’re feeling sad they can shift your mood; if you’re not, they will enhance a day this is already pretty good. Those songs, therefore, tend to be played more often because you can rely on them – however you feel before you start listening, you’re going to feel better, or even better, after listening.

In that respect the new single from Melbourne singer-songwriter Brendan McMahon, ‘Only Highs’, is going straight to the pool room. From the opening bars it’s impossible to not feel reassured, and soothed, then appreciative that the song exists. It’s a really lovely expression of love and joy, and of recognition for the important details of life that can be overlooked if we don’t pay attention.

McMahon has a long musical history, from playing in cover bands in his teens and twenties to releasing solo albums in 2015 and 2016 under the moniker Satellite Gods, and another album in 2017 called This Fine Occasion. Yet ‘Only Highs’ is the first duet he’s ever recorded, and he shares the vocals with Amber Ferraro, who leads Melbourne disco-house band Honey. It is not, however, the first time the two have worked together, as Amber has provided backing vocals on all three of Brendan’s albums, and their comfort with each other makes for a seamless blend on ‘Only Highs’.

The song is taken from McMahon’s forthcoming album In the Moment, to be released in November. You can watch the video below or listen to the song on:

Apple Music | Artist’s website | Spotify